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How do I pronounce NAPE? What does it mean? How old is NAPE?

NAH-peh. National Association of Professional Environmentalists. NAPE was formed in 1997.

What does NAPE do?
NAPE is a registered non-governmental organization based in Kampala, Uganda. We advocate for managing natural resources sustainably and respecting the voices of Ugandan communities. Our activities are mainly

a) advocacy and lobbying at the grassroots and in government,
b) community empowerment including organizing, trainings and livelihood development, and
c) participation in national and international networks of environmental advocates. To learn more about what we do, visit our About Us and Project pages.

What are the most important environmental issues in Uganda?

Here are some of the most important issues facing Uganda today:

  • Including community voices during debates over policy and the establishment of large development projects
  • Forest degradation
  • Land grabbing
  • Access to clean water and sanitation
  • Oil and other extractive industries
  • Climate change and its impacts on the environment and agriculture
  • Management of chemicals and pollutants caused by industry
  • Electricity production and its impacts on people and the environment
  • Lack of enforcement of environmental policies/laws

Is NAPE opposed to development?
No. We love development! Ugandans should be able to improve their quality of life. NAPE members believe that development should have people and local cultures at the centre and include both short-term goals of improving people’s lives and long-term goals of sustaining our precious resources and preserving our important traditions. In other words, development should not come at the cost of our future, our communities, and our environment.

Is NAPE a political organisation?
Yes and no.
Everything is politics, and the issues we advocate for are of concern to all Ugandans. However, we are not a political party, and we are not affiliated with or opposed to any political parties. What is most important is that we advocate for the sustainable management of natural resources.

What is NAPE’s relationship with the Ugandan Government?

It’s complicated. Since NAPE started, we have advocated for many issues that the President and other political leaders have opposed, such as the preservation of Mabira National Forest Reserve, the reevaluation of the Bujagali Dam, the preservation of Queen Elizabeth National Park, the conservation of wetlands in the face of commercial development, and others. That is not to say that NAPE has always been in opposition to government policies.
We have partnered with the government and served as an important partner and influential voice during debates about oil exploration and extraction, national climate change policy, sound chemicals management, mediation mechanisms on hydroelectric dam development, development of a sustainable management plan for Kalagala/Mabira Ecosystem, and so on. We see our role as advocating for the welfare of Ugandan communities and their environment.

What is NAPE Lobby?
NAPE Lobby is our magazine that serves as an important line of communication between NAPE and Ugandan communities. We use it to discuss matters relevant to people’s everyday lives and let them know about community and environmental issues that emerge within Uganda. Visit our Publications page to see NAPE Lobby and our other publications.

What is NAPE’s approach to gender issues?
We are an equal-opportunity organisation, and we promote gender equality in all policies, programmes, and activities. We have a full-fledged gender department that ensures that NAPE programmes are utilizing the best practices for gender mainstreaming and incorporating gender and women’s issues into all activities. To learn more about our approach visit our Gender Project page.

Where does NAPE get its funding?
NAPE activities are funded by a variety of non-governmental organisations, foundations, and international aid organisations, plus fees from our members. Visit our Partners page to learn more about whom we work with.

How do I join NAPE?
NAPE is a membership organisation. You can request a membership application form from NAPE secretariat. If you’re interested in joining NAPE, please contact us by visiting our Contact page..

How can I get a job at NAPE?
We rarely have openings for new jobs. If you are interested in working with us, you may visit us or email your CV to us. Visit our Contact page for directions.

Are there any possibilities of getting grants from NAPE?
We are not a funding organisation. However, occasionally we allocate grants to smaller Ugandan community-based organisations (CBO) that are affiliated with us. If you are a member of a CBO that does work relevant to community empowerment and sustainable livelihoods, and you would like to affiliate with NAPE, please contact us by visiting our Contact page.