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Jul 27

Friends of the Earth Norway visits Friends of the Earth Uganda in a knowledge sharing experience targeting extractives


FoE Norway FoE Uganda Exchange


Young Friends of the Earth Norway (YFOEN) visited Friends of the Earth Uganda on a mission to establish how grassroots communities were copying with the challenges associated with extractives.

Martine Solberg...

Aug 20

Can the Poor Survive in Oil-Rich Uganda?

By Richard Mugisha – Open Society Initiatives for East Africa (OSEA)

Since 2006, Uganda has discovered about 6.5 billion barrels of crude oil from just 20 percent of its petroleum fields in the Albertine region, making the country’s crude fields the third-largest by reserves in...

Aug 20

Corporate impunity:Eviction of the Maasai People from their Land in Loliondo, Tanzania

Violence between the Tanzanian government and the Maasai people of Loliondo has continued to mount in the face of their eviction from ancestral lands on the Western Serengeti.

Since February 12, 2015, Tanzanian government forces have begun forcibly evicting Maasai from their homes, burning...

Aug 20

Rights at risk: Mining Companies to bypass Land owners

Uganda’s constitution provides that all land in Uganda is owned by the people of Uganda, however, mineral wealth beneath belongs to government. Ugandans therefore, have absolute surface rights.While the Minerals Act, section 42 states that all exploration companies must obtain surface...

Aug 20

Why we must preserve environment in the oil region

By Moses MugwisaIn a country that is landlocked and almost exclusively dependent on agricultural products for its economy, as it progresses gradually to an industrialised economy, any opportunity for economic diversification is exciting.

Oil and gas industry development...