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Jul 27

Friends of the Earth Norway visits Friends of the Earth Uganda in a knowledge sharing experience targeting extractives


FoE Norway FoE Uganda Exchange


Young Friends of the Earth Norway (YFOEN) visited Friends of the Earth Uganda on a mission to establish how grassroots communities were copying with the challenges associated with extractives.

Martine Solberg...

May 18


NAPE trains community dialogue animators

NAPE’s approach to strengthen community cultural governance is use of community dialogues. The use of approach is a realisation and appreciation that communities have for long been...

Feb 17

A call for strengthening Community indigenous knowledge on culture and food in Uganda

By Robert Katemburura

The present day African population is several generations removed from its original land. Thus, many Cultural practices and habits have been lost, dropped or modified through either willful migrations due to population increase or external...

Jan 10

There is Nothing Good out of the Mines

Deep in Nzorobi village in Buseruka Sub County, near Hoima’s proposed oil refinery land, sits Arombi Gipatho on a mat besides a two roomed house, owned by her mother. Holding her chick in a blissful evening, Aromb has just retired from her daily routine as a...

Mar 31

Who is covering up shoddy work at Karuma, Isimba?

In the host of correspondences seen by this newspaper, ministry of Energy officials appear not only mute but also protective of Energy Infratech PVT Ltd, the Indian firm providing consultancy services to government at Isimba and Karuma hydro-power projects. On their part, the Uganda Electricity...